Hello, I’m László Aradi – wedding photographer, photojournalist

I have never felt that I knew enough, in order to expand my knowledge I have been continuously attending workshops gaining new skill sets along the way. In my view there is always room for improvement - this guarantees I can provide you with the quality of photographs we are both completely satisfied with.

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Few words about me and my services

What is my offer?

Dedication to the quality of service I’m providing to you. My goals are not to book my schedule full, but to keep my commitment to deliver excellence and timely completion for your satisfaction. Arriving to the events equipped with complete gear, including professional camera frames, high-brightness lens parks and studio flash if required so you don’t have to worry that I miss any precious moments.

Why choose me?

Not only my gear is professional, but so as my approach. There are no cancellations two weeks before the wedding(or at all to be precise) and I’m always on time. You don’t have to wait 3 months to get your pictures. Thanks to the limited number of clients I take simultaneously, excellence and delivery on schedule are guaranteed. I always dress to the occasion, making everyone feel comfortable with my friendly, approachable and polite attitude.

Value and cost

How much would you be willing to spend on a professional photographer. What is the value of the most memorable day of your lives. It’s something only you can be the judge of. I can only promise that instead of taking the usual stereotypical photographs, I’m supplying you with a well composed, feel good and touching photo report which will allow you to relive all the special moments of your great day anytime. You can have access to all this starting from 1000 EUR, but prices are negotiable upon requests.

How to book

I am well aware that when you are trying to book for the big day, there are a lot of things to be considered. In the interest of finding you a suitable offer, I only need a few details from you: where and when is your wedding, when and what kind of my services are required. When you have received an specially tailored offer, we will arrange a meeting in person, where next to a cup of tea or coffee we can discuss the specifics in detail.


“We are very pleased with the photos. You managed to capture the best moments. To be honest we were afraid that we would have to sort through a lot of images before finding some, where we were happy with how we looked. Because it’s usually a surprise even if we manage to find a single good one out of so many. But as soon as we viewed the photos you’ve taken, we were blown away. We love them all and we would like to publicize them everywhere! You did a great job and not to mention you’re sincere and fun! We can only recommend you!” (Dora and William)

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